I’m ready!

You will ask me, ready for what? Ready for a new adventure, my dream, what I have in mind since over twenty years! The opening of a quilt shop!

What are you talking about?

Well, yes, I have enough about statistics, forecasts, reporting and other planning, I said STOP!

But perhaps you don’t know anything about me? My name is Catherine, I am fascinated by the creative leisure since ever, and especially since I spent 2 years in the USA where I discovered the patchwork and quilt techniques.

And there, I contracted a mega virus! I was fascinated by the different technics, and 20 years later, I am still amazed by what you can do with some fabric scraps!

What I like above all, is to pass on what I learned.  And because I think that to be creative, the best way is to be in contact with other people, I have decided to create a shop, where the best materials will be provided, a working space will be organized, where you can find advices, in a friendly space, the day and time of your choice.

The project takes more (much more!) time than I thought, but it takes shape. By this website, you will be able to know me better, and follow my project. The more you are, the more I will be motivated.

And if you wish to contact me, click there !